Verizon Fios Router Yellow Light: How to Troubleshoot?

In today’s time, a wireless router has a huge impact. It helps you stay connected to the internet even if you have connected it indirectly. You can also connect more than one device, which is a huge advantage for the routers. But often the users have found some problems with routers. Particularly in the Fios router, users have noticed a yellow light reflection.

FYI, your router comes with several LEDs that reflect different colors for different problems, such as red, green, blue, and even yellow. Here we will discuss the yellow light problem of the Fios router.

But before we move on to the repairs, we need to understand what this yellow light indicates. If your Fios router shows a yellow light, it indicates that there is no internet connection. The device is in pairing mode and if it blinks, it is because of the distance from the extender.

You can go to investigate the ethernet connection or even the broadband cables. If nothing works, your last option is to contact the manufacturer.

Solutions for Fios Router Yellow Light

As mentioned, often incorrect positions can be the reason for the yellow light of the Fios router. Finding the right position can solve the problem. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, below is the list of solutions you can do to resolve the issue.

1. Restart Router

When you see that your internet connection is slow or not working, the first method you try is to restart or reboot the router. This may sound simple, but it is very effective. The steps are given below:

  • First you need to turn off the power of the router. If your router has a battery, disconnect it. After disconnecting the router, reconnect it.
  • Now wait at least 30 seconds before turning on the power button. Users will see a white light blinking, indicating that the router will boot.
  • This method has been found to solve the connection problem almost 80% of the time.
  • If this method works, the color changes to solid white light. This is how the internet is restored.

2. Overheated Router

You may also experience internet connection problems due to the router overheating, which causes the yellow light to be reflected. Overheating can also reduce internet speed, etc.

In such situations, you need to cool down the router and this can be done by turning the router off from the power supply. Even if a battery is connected to the router, you should also disconnect it. If you want, you can even move your router to allow for plenty of airflow.

3. Examine the Ethernet and Broadband Cables

A damaged cable can be the cause of the yellow light from the Fios router. You just need to replace the cables as soon as possible for further damage. You will see that the connection has been re-established. The ethernet cables and the fiber optic cables help to reconnect the internet connection. Damaged or loose cables can therefore aggravate the situation. You can also contact a professional to fix the yellow light problem of the Fios router.

4. Reset the router

If you find that rebooting doesn’t work, you can go for resetting the router. In most cases, resetting the router has solved most of the internet connection problem. To reset the Fios router, you must first find the Reset button which may be located on the back of the router.

Then you need to hold the button for at least 20 seconds and then release it. You also need to enter the credentials and then factory reset the router. You will notice that the signal has been boosted and the Fios router with yellow light has resolved.

5. Service provider

If the above troubleshooter doesn’t work, you can contact the ISP for help. They are experts in their field; so they will help you to fix the yellow light of Fios router. Even if you have no idea and your time is running out, they are the best for you.


There is no doubt that routers have made life much easier. You can connect multiple devices to easily access the Internet. But since nothing is perfect, you may also face certain flaws with the Fios router. So do not worry; simply implement the methods mentioned above.

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